The Water Horse: Legend Of The Deep

  • PG
  • 2007
  • 112 minutes
  • $103m WWBO

Set in the desolate landscape of the Scottish Highlands during World War II, Angus is a 12-year old boy who anxiously awaits the return of his father who is serving in the military overseas. Spending his days exploring the shores of a nearby loch, he stumbles across a mysterious egg. Taking it home he watches as the egg hatches into an amazing creature, the mythical “water horse” of Scottish legend. At first he is able to conceal it from his mother, who is dealing with her own emotional torment and coping with a regiment of soldiers who have been billeted at the estate where she acts as housekeeper. Although he has become attached to the creature, it grows so rapidly that he is forced to release it into the loch where it evolves into a terrifying yet understanding sea monster that Angus risks his life to protect.

Director: Jay Russell
Writers: Robert Nelson Jacobs, Dick King-Smith
Producers: Charles Newirth, Jay Russell
Cast: Ben Chaplin, Alex Etel, David Morrissey, Emily Watson


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