Road Trip: Beer Pong

  • R
  • 2009
  • 95 minutes

Three college buddies set out on the ride of their lives to the National Beer Pong Tournament. They’ve got their thirst for competition, and the path to drunken glory is filled with wild unplanned pit stops, including a family of frisky strippers, a hitchhiking, gun toting beauty and a bus load of Chastity Until Marriage girls. Can they achieve the ultimate goalÂ…winning the competition? Find out in this hilarious co-ed comedy where everyone’s balls are sure to get wet.

Director: Steve Rash
Writers: Brad Riddell (written by), Todd Phillips (motion picture "Road Trip") & Scot Armstrong (motion picture "Road Trip")
Producer: Suzie Peterson
Cast: Preston Jones, Michael Trotter, Daniel Newman, Nestor Aaron Asbera, Danny Pudi, Julianna Guill, Julia Levy-Boeken, DJ Qualls